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Edelsteen chrysocolla ketting

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Edelsteen chrysocolla ketting

Chrysocolla when looking at the beautiful mix of vivid blues and lush greens of this stone, one can’t help but envision the expansive sky above and the stable ground below. this stone instills a calming sense of openness to its wearer, facilitating gentle self-expression and communication with ease

connected to the throat and heart chakra, chrysocolla truly excels at helping one say what is in their heart — teaching vulnerability, authenticity, and sensitivity. if you’ve ever felt at a loss for words, or conversely, have gotten stuck inside your head from overthinking, use this stone to dissolve the blockages that are preventing you from speaking your truth. with this stone in hand, you’ll find that surrendering to your thoughts and feelings isn’t something to be feared, as its infusion of fresh, positive energy guides you forward. the right words always come when you tap into your heart

additionally, if you struggle with control, surrender, or change, this stone is also for you. sometimes we work so hard to resist the things that are good for us — and why? out of fear of the unknown? fear of our own potential? whatever the reason may be, if you’ve been resisting a long overdue change, shifting your energy can feel a whole lot smoother (and less daunting!) with chrysocolla by your side

tip: when wearing a chrysocolla necklace, gently press it to your chest with your fingers and hold it there for a few moments whenever you feel doubt or negativity creeping it. its proximity to your heart and throat chakras will help to activate and align these centers, offering a sense of renewal and receptivity. 

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€ 67,58 € 84,47
€ 67,58 € 84,47
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