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Necklace chrysocolla sale Aventurijn edelsteen ketting kopen Aventurijn Necklace chrysocolla Necklace gemstone chrysocolla
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Chrysocolla necklace:

€ 80,45 (inclusief btw 21%)
Productcode AK100

Chrysocolla necklace :

Chrysocolla is a stone of prosperity. It supports us as we seek a fresh start or new prospective. It also makes a wonderful companion stone that connects the heart & throat chakras making it an ally in heart felt communication. 

A Gemstone for meditation and communication.
It enhances personal power and inspires creativity.
It helps you speak your truth, draws off negative energies and increases the capacity to love.
We love that is resembles our beautiful Earth with its gorgeous swirls of blue and green and speckles of gold, it’s like wearing the world around your neck! 

  • Eigenschappen : In maat verstelbaar
  • Lengte ketting (±) : Min. 35cm / Max. 60cm
  • Natuursteensoort : 4 cm x 2 cm.
  • Gewicht : 25gr.
  • Vorm steen : oval
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