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INCA DREAM sells top quality alpaca clothing and decor products. We specialize in alpaca sweaters and alpaca ponchos, as well as alpaca ruanas, shawls and capes. Our site offers Peruvian alpaca wool clothing.
Our products are made from alpaca wool. The Alpaca wool is considered a luxury fiber with unique properties. It is five times warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool. Its quality surpasses that of the Kashmir. The fiber comes in over 22 natural colors and an infinite series of colors that can be produced by mixing these fibers. This fiber is elastic and resistant; due to its structure it is also thermal, which makes it perfect for different climates. An item of alpaca clothing will maintain its corporal temperature in any type of environment. Its natural shine and its smoothness make this high quality wool ideal for the textile industry.
Our alpaca sweaters offering includes: cardigans, coats, pullovers and jackets. Visit our alpaca for men and alpaca for women sections to check our alpaca clothes specials.


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