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When you have a dream, you normally just try to understand it. I decided to make it happen, to live me dream. I started in 2010 Inca Dream in the most amazing place in The Netherlands -Walsoorden, with a solid mission: to show the world what our beautiful Peruvian women do with their hands, to spread our fantastic Peruvian culture and of course to support our artisans

I believe, the most important thing in this dream is to supporter the Peruvian small artisans and of course to be known in all the countries with our designs. I had the opportunity to send the Inca Dreams products to different countries and I are looking forward to sharing them with you and I hope to take this dream beyond.

I want more people to wear these beautiful alpaca wool clothes, I want the people to know our Peruvian culture, our traditions, our ideas. Because we believe there are not borders between people, the more we know other cultures the more we raise as human beings.

Enjoy my dream… ENJOY INCA DREAM.


Yuliett Castro Buitron




  • Eigenaar : Yuliett Castro Buitron
  • Spaanse KvK-nummer: 58774009
    (Inca Dream is een spaanse handel bedrijf)
  • BTW-identificatienummer: Y4274192R
  • Legal adres : Germans Sant Gabriel 20-5-2 Valls 43800 Spanje

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