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Chrysocolla necklace Chrysocolla macrame necklace
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Chrysocolla macrame eagle necklace

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Chrysocolla macrame eagle necklace

“The eagle is a sacred bird that for us is a medicine that protects the health and also our elders, the Shaman´s use their feathers when they make our traditional ceremonies and rituals.”

This beautyfull Chrysocolla Eagle necklace was inspired by the freedom and grace of soaring eagles. Soaring eagles symbolise power, freedom and liberty to forge ahead whatever may be in your way.
Eagles are also frequently associated with wisdom and freedom.

Chrysocolla is a stone of prosperity. It supports us as we seek a fresh start or new prospective. It also makes a wonderful companion stone that connects the heart & throat chakras making it an ally in heart felt communication. 

  1. A Gemstone for meditation and communication.
  2. It enhances personal power and inspires creativity.
  3. It helps you speak your truth, draws off negative energies and increases the capacity to love.

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€ 67,58 € 84,47
€ 67,58 € 84,47
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