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Sodaliet edelsteen sieraden

Sodaliet steen armband

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Sodaliet steen armband

verstelbaar aan elke pols dankzij de glijdende knooppunt

helps verbalize feelings
brings emotional balance
encourages rational thinking
enhances self-esteem, acceptance & trust


  • Klachten van hals en keel.
  • Wij behandelt de stembanden en het strottenhoofd
  • Remt ontstekingen
  • Werkt koortswerend en bloeddruk verlagend.
  • Stimuleert de opname van lichaamsvocht en helpt tegen dikke enkels.
  • Zorgt ook voor balans in de stofwisseling en reinigt het lymfestelsel.
  • Herstelt schade door straling en bestrijdt slapeloosheid en fobieen.

Sodalite is a deep blue crystal known for its calming and soothing connection to your third eye and throat chakra. We know this connection to produce a combination of energies that heal both your body and spirit. For anyone who’s interested in being more intuitive, strengthening their self-confidence, working on their spiritual growth and their ability to express themselves, tapping into the energies of sodalite crystals could provide you with the ideal healing tools.

Experts believe the most effective way to form a connection with your Sodalite crystal and its healing properties is to keep the stone either on your body or close to your body. This will allow it to connect with your throat and third eye chakra to clear any blockages and bring balance to these essential energy centers. Allowing you to access untapped wisdom and give voice to otherwise unused energy.

Possessing strong healing powers Sodalite can ease panic attacks and bring emotional balance to your life. You can boost your self-trust, self-acceptance, self-esteem. It can even help your immune system by overcome calcium deficiencies and boosting your metabolism.

Sodalite can also produce a powerful protective barrier helping reduce the impact of negative energies and protect your mind, body and aura. Why reducing your exposure to negative energy, the powers of sodalite can improve your ability to interpret spiritual messages. This is one of the key benefits of sodalite allowing you to gain access to a deeper level of spiritual healing. Promoting inner peace and truth sodalite boosts your intuition I will improve your ability to communicate and to interpret any hidden spiritual messages that you have been missing. For some people, sodalite can even help boost their clairvoyant abilities.

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