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Milk opal necklace

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Milk opal necklace

Rare Cacholong Milk Opal macrame pendant, calming stone for women.
White cacholong is a semi-opal, a solid solution of opal and chalcedony proper. Mutual penetration of minerals is facilitated by kinship: both opal and chalcedony are varieties of quartz. Cacholong is a microporous mineral. Pores filled with air, and give the scattering of light penetrating the stone mass. It is thanks to the pores that the chalcedony, which is grayish by nature, and the colorless opal in glass, together give a translucent white opal cacholong. Buddhists compare the purity of the stone with the satiny shining of the lotus.
 White stone, which symbolizes motherhood and the upbringing of children, is best for pregnant women and young mothers. The constant wearing of ornaments from the cacholong gives the easy kind and calmness of the child during the period of breastfeeding.
White opal helps recovery and recovery after illness.
White opal cacholong is a stone of exceptional spiritual purity and sublimity. It is never used in magical rites aimed at attracting dark forces. Moreover, even being an occasional "witness" of such an action, cacholong interferes with casting spells and performing ritual actions.
Serving the good is the true and deep purpose of the stone.
In general, the more positive effect of Cacholong is on Taurus.
Of particular importance are the magical properties of cacholong for financial affairs. Without affecting the success of risky financial transactions, the gem helps to obtain a constant profit from long-term investment objects

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