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Peruvian Q'ero Shamans Poncho Peruvian Q'ero Shamans Poncho Kleurkaartje 5
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Peruvian Q'ero Shamans Poncho

€ 119,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Traditional style of Peruvian ceremonial ponchos. Incredible designs, incredible handiwork.  This style of poncho is worn in daily life in Peru, and especially during festivals, dances and shaman ceremony.

High Elder Q'ero shaman Rainbow ceremonial Poncho. Peruvian high quality wool. Exclusive to QERO FAMILIES. Full of symbology-

  • New condition
  • Q'ero Shaman Fine Sheep Wool Ceremonial
  • Beautifully made and brightly coloured soft sheep wool poncho.
  • Peruvian Ceremonial Poncho.
  • Approx Size & Weight: long 110 cm breed 100 cm , 540 gr.
  • Leverin tijd : 2 weken
  • Kleur donker blauw


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