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Inca kruis Chacana Sjamman amulet

€ 14,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
  • Peruvian Inka Stone Chacana Necklace.
  • Chacana (Southern Cross).  the journey around the medicine wheel, through and beyond....
  • Sacred Cross of the Andes.
  • Stone Inka Cross Pendant representing the four corners of the Inka world, the four directions with which the shaman works, the four organizing principles of the world.


Inka Stone Chacana or cross. Sacred geometry, perfect equall sides, the place for navigation in the southern sky, the southern cross. Calling on the four organising principles incorporating with the centre eye the portal emcompass all. This black chacana has a red jungle bead in the centre. The centre also symbolises the heart chakra!

Measures approx 3 c.m x 3 cm.

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