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Inca kruis kit

€ 87,77 € 70,22 (inclusief btw 21%)

Inca kruis kit

This is the perfect kit to get you started or to add to your own ítems. It contains  most of the things you need to get you going. This is a fantastic kit and if you bought it all separatly the RRP woukd be €80 ! So grab a bargain.

Please note that some of the ítems may differ in design to those shown in the photo, we are always improving the kit and the handmade ítems Will vary as they are all individually made and therefore unique! Please refer to the list to see what is in the kit

Included in your kit

  • Shaman mesa 75 cm/27,55in  x 56 cm/22,04in
  • Inca kruis Chakana   
    • Measures approx 3.5 c.m/1,37in x 3.5 cm/1,37in
    • Materiaal : ceramic

Ook interessant

€ 1,99
€ 70,22 € 87,77
€ 70,22 € 87,77
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