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Tiger Eyes Tribal Geometric Necklace, Shamanic Piece handmade with meditation and natural stone Therapeutic

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The inhabitants of the earth are drawn to the sky, the appearance and disappearance of the sun, the moon (which also goes by day) and stars. Begin, then, to draw their conclusions.
Man looking at the sky and its reflection by its human universe. I felt that this world was linked to countless visible and invisible bonds to the general order of the universe and tried to penetrate the mysterious connection. Celestial phenomena were regarded as masters and rulers of the world and as rulers of human life; was then necessary to return to the heavens in order to organize the political, social and moral life of man.

  • Adjustable necklace up to 70 CM
  • Serpentine gemstoneis 4 Cm x 3.5 Cm

Natural stone orange calcite
Tiger eyes of fire beads
handmade with love and meditation
adjustable size
Different colors of thread and stone

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