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Shaman Necklace - Magical Talisman Necklace with serpentine gemstone

€ 79,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 5 WERKDAGEN
Productcode MC-07
  • Adjustable necklace up to 60 CM
  • Serpentine gemstoneis 4 Cm x 3.5 Cm

Serpentine purifies the chakras and allow to understand the spititual bases of life. On the physical plan. it detoxifies the blood and the blood. Supposed to give longevity.

The name Hematite comes from the greek Haimatos and means blood. En Africa, it was considered as the Blood of Mother Earth. Some prehistorical people, Native Indians and Ancient Chinese were covering dead persons with Hematite powder.
Hematite reinforces vitality and stimulate our inner strength. It invigorates our physical body and help to reduce lack of iron.
Supposed to be good for legal issues.
Gem of protection that helps to settle, Hematite also harmonises the Body, Mind and Spirit. and balances meridiens.

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