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Peru Etniek Chulpa Schouder tas

Peru Etniek Chulpa Schouder tas

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This Peruvian handmade bags are truly awesome and multifunctional!!
They have inner linning, a pocket at front, bag pocket and adjustable straps!
Made of 100% original Lliclla fabric, inspire on traditional flok womens of Peru!
They are very roomy!

  • Length 72 cm  without counting straps
  • Heigth 35 cm
  • Straps lenght 55 cm(each has 2 straps)

    These are the ways you can wear them!
    * Like a normal bag on one shoulder
    * Across body
    * In the back (In Peru, women carry their babies on the back with these fabric!)
    * As an apron kind of bag for recolecting flowers or fruits or farming!

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